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Where do you go after your dream has been shattered? At age 30, Alice Teisan was an avid cyclist with a big dream: to ride her bicycle on every continent. But that summer, as she was preparing for a cross-country cycling trip, she was struck with a life-altering illness. In a flash, it seemed, her health, her career ambitions, her financial situation, and her plans for the future—not to mention her big dream—were all shattered. Was life still worth living when everything she once held dear was stripped away?

Riding on Faith is the story of how God took Alice’s dream and turned it upside down, replacing it with an even bigger dream inside her heart. Hers is a journey full of fear and faith, of loss and transformation, of soaring vistas and desolate valleys. Ultimately it is a story of hope—that when we give God our dreams, He will transform them into something grander than we could ever imagine.

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