About HWI


Promote the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of hand-pedaled trikes for people with disabilities in developing countries.

Between 2005 and 2015 HWI’s team has designed 22 different trike prototypes and a trike manufacturing process. Here you can find a comprehensive trike history overview. Or if you prefer here is a brief trike history overview.


  • Providing all trike building plans as an open source available in a free downloadable format
  • Developing a forum for building trikes whereby the community can answer ongoing issues pertinent to all trikes regardless of style.
  • Continuing ongoing trike research and development
  • Building Global Partnerships through:


  1. Developing a University Trike Consortium whereby students can apply theory to an assessed need among the disabled and put their knowledge into practice.
  2. Meeting a basic need as Christ commands by providing a trike for the end user (dignity, mobility, ability to become a valued member of society).
  3. Provides jobs for those in need where one can share Christ with coworkers.
  4. Vocational rehab-the disabled and others work alongside a Christian and this is a tool for expanding the kingdom.
  5. By providing the plans, resources, research and development and a forum we are opening the way for HWI to leverage the opportunity to impact others within the energy packed ever growing international arena of hand-pedaled trikes.
  6. Those wanting to do humanitarian, medical, disability, mission work—rubbing shoulders with others who we can share Christ with builders, suppliers, and other professionals.


His Wheels International (HWI) began in May 2005. HWI is a not-for-profit cycling organization. Our mission is to provide pedal powered transportation through global partnerships as a tool for expanding Christ’s Kingdom.


In July 2013 we refined our focus turning our undivided attention toward our hand-pedaled three-wheeler we affectionately call a trike. Prior to July 2013 we had a bicycle division where we repaired, refurbished and redistributed over 1,700 two-wheeled bicycles. To read more, click below

Now through our growing global partnerships we are providing trikes to those with lower extremity disabilities. We have taken a multi-discipline approach to designing our trike which has involved engineers, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, doctors, surgeons, kinesiology specialists, and others. HWI continues doing research and development to further improve our trike design and the manufacturing process.

We offer a trike building program, which allows nationals to develop metal working and mechanical skills while building trikes.

Trikes have been manufactured, fabricated, and assembled on five continents.

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