Evvy Campbell has told me repeatedly that “Development work is done by building one relationship at a time.”

On January 8, 2016 three organizations doing develop,ent mobility work in Africa connected by phone. The call included Alice Teisan and Kevin Nikolich with His Wheels International, Will Austin with BUV, and Joy Hazucha with Cheetah Development.

BUV has designed a basic utility vehicle. There mission is to create unique transportation solutions, which relieve daily burdens and empower sustainable economic development to help transform communities in Africa and beyond.
Cheetah Development has several projects. The mobility business project they are preparing to launch is the Kabisa Heavy Load Bicycle with a load capacity of 1,000 lbs can travel over the roughest trails. Kabisa bikes will be manufactured in Africa. (more…)

Jakarta, Indonesia with MIT D-Lab

The New Year began with a His Wheels trike traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia with a team from the MIT D-Lab. Matt McCambridge, the MIT faculty member leading the trip was taking an HWI trike along with Free Wheelchair Missions Gen 4 to test them side by side. Matt wrote the initial trike test guidelines for a comparative trike study (2013-2014) conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia. We look forward to hearing the follow-up from MIT.

NOWPDP Accessible Cycle Design Challenge, Pakistan

On January 13, 2016 NOWPDP design challenge launched a first of its kind trike design challenge. The challenge highlights 5 important design features, Highly Accident Prone (Center of Gravity), Requires High Exertion (ergonomics and gear ratio issues), Uncomfortable (ergonomics), Incompact [not compact], and Unsightly.

Alice Teisan is honored to be part of the international judging board for the challenge, made possible because the judging will occur virtually.

Pakistan Cycle Design Challenge Charge

Alice Teisan encourages those in Pakistan to enter the Cycle Design Challenge that is launching on January 13, 2016.

Alice will be one of the international judges for the design challenge. To learn more about the design challenge  visit

Video credits: David Herwaldt, Student at College of DuPage, studying Video Production.





We welcome all those throughout the world who are interested in participating in the hand-pedaled three-wheeled trike community hosted by His Wheels International (HWI). The information here is for the trike community and from the trike community. If there is something you would like to see addressed, or something you think would benefit the trike community, you can contact us at (more…)