How’s your Bike?

This week Alice ran into a family that was beneficiaries of our bike ministry. Alice asked the two elementary school age children, “How’s your bike?” The youngest, about 7 years old said, “we did a 20 mile ride this summer.” What fun to know that the legacy of HWI’s bicycle lives on and this family had the joy of reaching a new mile marker of a 20 mile ride. (more…)


On Thursday August 7th Alice met with Tim from Servlife ministries. We networked and brainstormed about possible ways that His Wheels Trike and manufacturing process could work within Servlife’s mission to help the people in Nepal, India. One thing about development work, it happens through the process of building one relationship at a time.

It is always an adventure when meeting with those from other organizations. There’s no telling how HWI’s trike will inspire another person. (more…)