A Teacher Worthy of Honor

By Dr. Stella Kasirye

Malawi Country Team Leader: Peachtree Tubepoka Malawi Legacies

He comes to the front as his name is called out with his wife in tow. He has a questioning look on his face wondering what this is about. He is not used to being the centre of attention. Winfore Kanyika, like the biblical Mordecai, is about to be honoured, an honour that is long overdue. He is given a hand pedaled trike, a gift from His Wheels International. The questioning look is replaced with pure joyful disbelief. Winfore’s wife is dumbfounded.



 By Dr. Stella Kasirye

Malawi Country Team Leader: Peachtree Tubepoka Malawi Legacies

Wezi Phiri breaks out into a song of praise and gratitude, “Jalawe lange ndi Yesu,” meaning Jesus is my rock. His mother who is also his Sunday school teacher, joins him and they flit back and forth across the stage of Chitipa Africa International Church. The reason for their joy is that Wezi has just received a hand pedalled trike from His wheels International (more…)

December Newsletter 2016

His Wheels International’s December 2016, Update

In this issue Alice attempts to answer this question. “Where does His Wheels find their ministry contacts and partners?”

Christmas holds the mysterious answer to this question. If you want to know more, we encourage you to read the December newsletter 2016.

From the HWI team to your family we pray that as you ponder the mystery of the Christ Child this Christmas season you will be filled with blessing and hope.

Merry Christmas

Safari Seat

Today I, Alice, from HWI met with Cara, who is part of   Safari Seat, for an introductory meeting. Thanks to Skype I was able to be in my home in the USA and Cara in England. Through our discussion we discovered many common goals between our two organizations.

  1. Providing a mobility product for those with lower extremity disabilities.
  2. Helping to find ways for those in under developed parts of the world to be able to build the product.
  3. Providing the product design as an open source model.

It is encouraging and energizing to collaborate with those doing similar mobility development work who share some of the same goals. We look forward to continuing to build a development mobility collaboration, one connection at a time, sharing our resources, learning from each other, and working together.

Trike Shipping Box Specifications

DOTT-Compact Trike 2-Box Size Specifications

Large box Dimensions: 40 by 19 by 11 inches 52 pounds weight.

This weight can be under 50 pounds without any problem.

The box includes:

  • Two rear wheels
  • Axles
  • Frame
  • Cushion
  • Seat back assembly


Small box Dimensions: 30 by 15 by 15 inches.  It weighs 33 pounds.

This box could be heavier and the other one lighter.

The box usually includes:

  • The front wheel and axle
  • Chain
  • Front fork assembly
  • Crank assembly with pedals
  • Foot rest assembly


These sizes, weights and cost of $85 are based on a trike shipped in August 2016 from IL to GA via UPS Ground Residential.

Divine Encounter

Today HWI experienced the words written in a Christian worship song.”It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” One spark came in April as Alice spoke at a Lion’s Club meeting. Another spark came as one of the men attending runs weekly with a scholar from Haiti who has a heart for the disabled. The scholar has engineering in his background and realizes there is both the physical “light” needed along with sharing the spiritual “light.” Oh and how about all the prayers thatt HWI has prayed for a connection in Haiti after the earthquakes years ago. Well I’m not sure how God will use our divine encounter today in using transportation for transformation but we will watch and pray with great anticipation.

August Newsletter Updates

His Wheels International’s August, 2016, Update

Thanks for your interest in His Wheels International. Attached you will find our August, 2016, Newsletter.

Below is an overview of the latest news from us.

The August, 2016, Newsletter can be read online at http://www.hiswheels.org/newsletters/2016-newsletters/

The Pakistan Accessible Design Challenge was a big success. They had 60 design entries. You can view the top thirty here. Alice was part of the International judging board that picked the final design. http://www.pakwheels.com/blog/top-30-cycle-designs-submitted-at-pakwheels-partnered-nowpdp-competition/

Abilities.com “The resource for the disability community,” featured Alice’s story. http://www.abilities.com/community/cycles-of-life.html

Mission Unstoppable: Listen to the podcast, where radio host Frankie Picasso interviewed Alice Teisan. https://soundcloud.com/hiswheels/mission-unstoppable-live-2016-07-19

There’s still more in the newsletter so take a look.

Thanks for your part in the ministry of His Wheels International.