His Wheels Trikes in Use:

Early Prototypes: Initial 4 of 5 designs tried between 2005-2007 Pre-DOTT design.

Different Generations of Dual Offset Tube Trike (DOTT) Prototypes: (20″ wheels, wheelbarrow wheels, canted rear wheels, full and compact sizes)

US Commuter Trike: This trike has an Internal 7 Speed Hub, adaptive lateral supports, the ability to have the pedals in sync (same plane) or out of sync (as a two-wheeled bicycles are), and the option to change pedal positions while riding. It can fits between a regular door so someone could go up and down shopping aisles at a store, and also commute to work.

DOTT trike testing problems and our solutions

Junior Racer with Internal 7 Speed Hub:
AKA Pink Panther

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