Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of HWI?
His Wheels International is a not-for-profit cycling organization. Our mission is to promote the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of hand-pedaled trikes for people with disabilities in developing countries.
Do you have a two-wheeled bicycle division to your ministry?
We ended our two-wheeled bicycle divison in 2013. Between 2005 through June 1, 2013 we accepted bicycle. Then we had mechanics that repaired the bicycles and we then distributed or resold the bicycles. After distributing nearly 1,700 bicycles during the first
eight years of our ministry we are now refining our focus and turning our attention towards our hand
pedaled three-wheeled cycle we affectionately call a trike.
Who accepts donated bicycles now that HWI no longer accepts them?
There is an organization in Chicago called Working Bikes. HWI has partnered with Working Bikes in the past. They accept donated bicycles and they refurbish bicycles and sell them at their Chicago location. For more information about a local drop off site visit them at www.workingbikes.org.
Who are the His Wheels trikes for?
Through global partnership we provide trikes to those with lower extremity disabilities in third world
countries. We have designed 22 hand-pedaled trikes with the most recent one being a compact trike that fits a five-year-old to a 5 foot 5 inch adult. HWI continues doing research and development to further improve our trike design and the manufacturing process.
We offer a trike-building program, which allows nationals to develop metal working and mechanical skills while building trikes.
In addition we have developed a University Trike Consortium.
Do you sell trikes?
Our trikes are not for the United States market. They are an overseas project.
Where is His Wheels Located? Is it possible to get a tour?
Yes! If you or your group would like to set up a tour of the HWI workshop, please call the office. Tours are a great way to find out what we do. A tour also helps stir the dreams within the participants. It also helps show how we have all been wired with unique dreams, gifts and talents that can be used to help others.
Where are you located?
We have a Public Storage Unit that we have set up as showroom, displaying our trikes and the manufacturing process.
How big is the HWI team?
Our team is always growing, It is not just the people in the workplace but all over the world,
How do I explore a trike partnership with HWI?
Send us an email at info at hiswheels.org
How can I help?
It takes many different talents to make His Wheels go! If you have a specific talent that might be
beneficial to HWI or would just like to volunteer your time, you can contact
us at info at hiswheels.org or by phone at (63)0-510-1005.
His Wheels International
P.O. Box 423
Wheaton, IL 60187
Email: info at hiswheels.org
Phone: 1 (630) 510-1005