A Teacher Worthy of Honor

By Dr. Stella Kasirye

Malawi Country Team Leader: Peachtree Tubepoka Malawi Legacies

He comes to the front as his name is called out with his wife in tow. He has a questioning look on his face wondering what this is about. He is not used to being the centre of attention. Winfore Kanyika, like the biblical Mordecai, is about to be honoured, an honour that is long overdue. He is given a hand pedaled trike, a gift from His Wheels International. The questioning look is replaced with pure joyful disbelief. Winfore’s wife is dumbfounded.

In all his years of selfless service, Winfore has never been honoured in such a way. The occasion is the Peachtree Annual Celebration for the Misuku Upper Zone.

The Tubepoka Churches Network in Misuku is celebrating all the things God has done in partnership with Peachtree Presbyterian Church in the year past. When the trike in unveiled and the announcement made, the church goes wild with applause. People rush to the front to shake our hands, hugs are exchanged and Winfore and his wife are surrounded. You would think that Winfore has been handed a one way ticket out of poverty.

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