Resurrection University Commencement Speech December 14, 2013

(L) Alice Teisan, (R) Beth Brooks, Res U President

Res Commencement procession 121413

Alice Teisan delivering Commencement Speech

Title: A Paradox

Dr. Brooks, board of directors, faculty, family, friends and, most importantly, graduates; it is a great honor to share in this momentous occasion with you on the brink of my 30th class reunion in May when Resurrection University celebrates its 100th anniversary.

For you, class of 2013, this is both Commencement and Graduation. A paradox of beginning and ending, all wrapped into one. It is a day where all sorts of polar opposites are happening at the same time. (more…)

A Look Back at 2013

Here is a copy of the most recent His Wheels International update. You can read of all the opportunities we had in 2013. January 2014 Letter

Happy New Year 2014

It is hard to believe that in May 2014 His Wheels will enter its 10th year of ministry.

The New Year has just begun but already today many exciting new opportunities are beginning to percolate.

1. After our last newsletter one of our readers suggested a possible engineering program nearby that we should look into to see if they were interested in our University Trike Consortium. One thing we’ve never done much of is cold calling. (more…)