Thanksgiving Tool Delivery

Tonight Alice was at Wheaton E. Free’s Thanksgiving Eve. Service. One of our ministry friends mentioned that her family was going to Spring Arbor, MI for Thanksgiving, leaving early in the AM. We at HWI are thankful that these friends will deliver ¬†two sets of bike tools to Spring Arbor University (SAU). From there they will go to a ministry in Hyderabad, India that is partnering with SAU and HWI on a few project. The bicycle service arm of HWI has ended but the international bicycle impact of HWI continues and sending tools is one of those ways.

ONU Project Update

Today Kevin and Alice had a phone meeting with our Olivet Nazarene University engineering team. We reviewed the neuro trike project plan. Here is an update from one of the team members.

“This past week we were able to finish the Project Plan giving us a clear site of our objectives and what needs to be done now, so this will help us in moving forward hopefully quicker in the next few weeks. Brandon has been meeting every Wednesday with the Electrical Professor based on the coding aspect of the project, so that is moving along smoothly.

I have some exciting news on my end! This past weekend…I was able to attend the national SWE (Society of Women Engineers) conference in Maryland where I attended a mini-session on neurotechnology. The woman presenting this, …from Honeywell, explained some useful information pertaining to our project, and I got the honor of talking to her later and explaining what we are doing with His Wheels. She seemed impressed and thoroughly exciting for us and gave me two contacts who specialize in this subject and would be willing to answer any of our questions. This to me was a huge blessing and I am exciting to see how our project continues to unravel!”