Your Help is Hurting

Alice is listening to this honest and truth telling podcast on In this podcast, Your Help is Hurting, Jerry Bowyer interviews Peter Greer, the President and CEO of Hope International, which is a microfinance organization, about how are giving hurts others and ourselves. HWI has grappled with working to implement this type of model with our trikes. There is always the question of how can the disabled give back. We have some business students in our University Consortium students who are grappling with this issue on HWI’s behalf in a program in India. Unfortunately it is much easier to be Santa Claus instead of a responsible steward.

A Rejection Opportunity

Yesterday Alice went to the post office to send out a bulk mailing. Well such an excursion is always a daunting experience. Yesterday was no exception. I had 171 letters to mail. But guess what, one needs 200 pieces of mail to send out a bulk mailing. The words “Go home and get 29 more piece of mail and then come back” came from the post office clerk. (more…)

Cutie is Off to Another University

Cutie is the nickname we’ve given our compact trike. Today Kevin, Alice and Cutie went for a meeting at Olivet Nazarene University (ONU) in Bourbannais, IL. We met with two Mechanical Engineering Faculty members about having 3 senior engineering students use the trike for a senior project.The idea is to look at neuro-engineering and how a quadriplegic could maneuver a trike by EEG brain wave activities.

We dropped Cutie off and here is Cutie’s new home and new roommates

It’s possible that Cutie will outsmart any of us at HWI before the year is over if the trike hangs out with this team. We are excited to see the road Cutie takes at ONU. Kevin and Alice will return the 2nd week of September to meet with students and to answer any questions they might have at the time.

God is up to something and we at HWI are along for the ride.

God’s Ultimate Orchestration

For years we at HWI have been praying, planning, and plodding about how to get our trike seen by someone at Willow Creek. We’ve known that Willow Creek has directors in different parts of the world but even though some of our board goes there, we’ve never found our way to the right people.


Today Alice received an email. In it Alice learned that some people from the Dominican Republic were at the Willow Creek Leadership conference last week. (more…)

His Wheels is Changing Gears

Today was the final day of our two-wheeled bike ministry. Now we will turn our undivided attention towards our hand-pedaled three-wheeled trike program.

We passed all our inventory on to Working Bikes in Chicago who we have partnered with some over the past few years. They would pick up beyond what we could repair. (more…)