Trikes to Pennsylvania and Niger

Flag-PennsylvaniaOn Sunday we sent a trike with one of our volunteers to Sebring, FL. From there the trike will be loaded onto a container headed for Niger. Steve, a missionary in Niger had stopped by His Wheels while here in the states. While here he saw the trike, we discussed possibilities for the trike in Niger, and he bought a copy of my book. Within the last couple weeks he has returned to Niger. He wrote, “I had an encouraging conversation with Deb Berruti, who is a physical therapist working at Galmi hospital. She was very interested in the trike. I will include her on this reply so that she can write to you. I gave her my copy of your book to read so that she can understand His Wheels International and you a bit better.”

Then yesterday we boxed a trike up and sent it to Messiah College. In February when the College begins its Spring Semester one of the engineering instructors will be using the trike as curriulumn for a computer analysis course. Pray that the trike will spark some of the students interest in a new way for using their creativity for Christ. We also look forward to how these students will further the work of the trike during their course.

God has also been at work on the home front. Last night our engineer met with a area resident who contacted us about volunteer opportunities. Vadim is a design engineer and is part of First Baptist of Wheaton, IL, a new church to our rooster of churches. So we are glad to have invite yet another volunteer onto our team.

One need that has surfaced is to have a few volunteers who would like to take our trikes to different hands on events. We have been asked to feature trikes at disability camps/retreats/mission evenings/conferences/disability Sunday event and other places. We have the trikes but we haven’t found anyone who could head this part of our ministry up. If you or someone you know would be interested in such an opportunity please contact us.